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 May 5, 2015  Mother's Day

5 Ways to Make a Mom Friend Feel Special This Mother's Day |

I received complimentary products from Shari’s Berries to facilitate this article; however, all opinions are my own.

Do you have a special mom friend in your life?  Here are some great ways to make her feel special this Mother’s Day!

1. Moms’ Night Out

Sometimes what a busy mom needs is to get out of the house with her friends to relax and have fun!  Of course, this could be dinner or dancing, or you could do something even more creative:  A friend recently told me about a group painting class for moms.  What a fun way to spend an evening with friends!  Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of caring for others that it can be refreshing to do something just for fun, just for ourselves.

2. Moms’ Night In

Of course, if you are a homebody like me, going out to a fancy restaurant or dancing at a club may not be the most relaxing way to spend an evening. Also, for some moms being away from very small children (especially nursing babies) can be a challenge logistically.  Instead, one friend and I often do moms’ nights in.  I come over just in time to say good night to her little one, then afterwards she and I relax drinking tea, eating yummy desserts, and – of course – talking for hours!

3. Time to Herself

No one but a parent can understand what a luxury it is to be alone.  As in, able to go to the bathroom without an audience.  Able to sit down with a cup of tea and actually drink it before it gets cold.  Able to close your eyes or gaze off into space or enjoy a good book or movie without worrying that the someone might burn down the house/break a leg/break their siblings’ legs in the meantime.  So consider offering to babysit or have her kids’ over for a play date – you could always swap off so you each get a free afternoon!

4. Acknowledge What She Does

One of the hardest things about parenthood is that it is a 24/7 job, with no performance review once a year, no raises or bonuses to recognize all of your hard work.  And while, of course, this is not while we do it, it is still wonderful when someone simply acknowledges what we do.  So many of us often feel that we aren’t doing enough, that at the end of the day we haven’t accomplished anything, so it is really important to encourage your mom friends by recognizing what a great job they are doing.  Try being specific, so your compliments don’t come off as insincere – Are her kids always polite?  Is she the mom that always remembers the snacks at the park?  Is she an expert at handling tantrums?  It really will make a difference to her when you notice!

5. Treat Her to Something Special

Of course, a special treat for your mom friend will always be welcome!  Mother’s Day is a great time to indulge, and she’ll appreciate that you were thinking of her.  Personally, I love Shari’s Berries, a known source for premium treats for special occasions and everyday indulgences!

5 Ways to Make a Mom Friend Feel Special This Mother's Day |

And while they are known for their delectable chocolate-dipped strawberries, they also have other gifts for Mother’s Day.  For example, for my recent moms’ night in with my friend, we chose an amazing tea collection – yes, with chocolate goodies, but also with a lovely gourmet tea set, including a selection of organic teas!

5 Ways to Make a Mom Friend Feel Special This Mother's Day |

How do you help your mom friends feel special?

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