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Although most children have incredibly active imaginations, many struggle when it comes to putting their ideas on paper. Help unleash your child’s creativity with these three tips for encouraging kids to write!

Encouraging Children to Write: 3 Ideas to Unleash Creativity |

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Encouraging Kids to Write: 3 Ideas to Unleash Creativity

1. Expose Them to Different Forms of Writing

Often children have a very set idea of what writing is – sometimes, because we have taught them this, whether intentionally or not. (Does anyone else remember the scene from Anastasia Krupnik when Anastasia fails a writing assignment because her poem doesn’t rhyme?) Part of our job is to expose them to different forms of writing so that they can experiment and expand the ways they can express themselves.

My First Book of Haiku Poems: a Picture, a Poem and a Dream; Classic Poems by Japanese Haiku Masters is a gorgeous bilingual Japanese and English picture book designed to expose children to this beautiful (non-rhyming!) form of poetry. I love that the explanatory text prompts children with questions to get them to think about why certain imagery was chosen, and how it helps the writer express his ideas. This book is a much needed antidote to today’s fast-paced world, as it helps children to slow down and observe small details and nuances in the natural world.

2. Let Them Get Silly

I am a big advocate of being silly just for its own sake, but it also has a role in encouraging kids to write. Silliness removes mental blocks and timidity, so that children feel more free to express themselves. My Book with No Pictures is a companion volume to the mega-best seller The Book with No Pictures (see my full review). I love that this book explicitly asks children to see themselves as authors, including right on the cover, where they write their name in next to BJ Novak’s.

3. Put Away Your Red Pen

If you really want to unleash creativity, you have to take off your grammar hat and just let them write. There is a time and place for correcting spelling and punctuation, but creative writing is not one of them. Children should feel free to just write, without worrying about if they are “doing it right.” Brave Writer is a great inspiration for me in this regard. It is a wonderful language arts program that really encourages teachers and parents to give their children room to create without worry about correction. I was lucky enough to sit in on a webinar with the founder that incredibly helpful in shifting my mindset about creative writing. Be sure to visit their website for more ideas and resources on encouraging kids to write! (I’m not affiliate with Brave Writer, I just really love its philosophy!)

Does your child love to write?

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