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Book-Themed Birthday Party Ideas |

Do you have a child that loves to read? Do you want a birthday party theme that doesn’t focus on sugar or toys?  Here are fun book-themed birthday party ideas for your little bookworms, plus a big prize pack giveaway!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary party pack from Brightly for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

Book-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

If your child loves to read as much as mine do, a book-themed birthday party would be a big hit!  It is a great way to celebrate a love of reading with your child and have some fun with a beloved character.  And don’t forget to enter the big giveaway at the end from Brightly, a fabulous website for raising kids who love to read.  In addition to loads of literacy articles and reading lists, in honor of the website’s first birthday, the folks at Brightly have gathered together resources to help YOU throw a book-themed birthday party, easy peasy!

Here’s everything you need:

1. Theme.  The most important step, of course, is to pick which book or series you are going to feature!  Ideally, choose one that the other kids at the party will also be familiar with.  (If your child really wants one that other kids won’t know, you can still make it work, as they will still enjoy the games and activities, though they might not get all the references).  Brightly has party packs and guides for many favorite characters, such as Madeline and even Elmo.  Spaceships and Laser Beams also has tons of great party theme ideas, including book based ones like Harry Potter and The Little Prince.  Tip Junkie has compiled an incredible list of 40 children’s book party themes, and Growing Book by Book has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to book party ideas!

2. Invitations.  Use cute invitations for your theme, like these Duck and Goose ones.  Invitations are a great way to build excitement and ensure that your little guests know what kind of party to expect.  If there are kids that aren’t familiar with your book theme, it also gives them a chance to read it before the party.

Book-Themed Birthday Party Ideas |

3. Decorations.  What better way to set a mood than with themed decorations?  Brightly’s party packs come with ready made decorations like banners, plus you can add balloons and streamers in matching colors.  I also love these creations ideas for recycling old book pages, plus you can find even more ideas here!  Be sure to set out copies of the theme books.  You could even include a reading corner!

4. Games. There are so many great book-based party games out there.  I love the fun games available in Brightly’s printables section!  I especially like that they work for a range of ages: there are crafts and simple games that even little ones can do, plus mazes and word games for older kids.  You could ask kids to come dressed as their favorite character from the book, and older kids could play book-themed charades.  And don’t forget a piñata, like this DIY Gruffalo one from Mud Hut Mama!

5. Food.  Maybe it’s just because I love to eat, but I think food can be one of the most fun parts of a party!  You can really let your imagination go wild in coming up with book-related creations.  Check out these Gruffalo themed ideas!  You can find more food ideas from classic books here.  Love that Hungry Caterpillar cake!

6. Gifts and Favors. Well, books, of course!  They work well as presents for the birthday child and favors for guests.  The Chirping Moms have great book themed birthday party ideas, including putting customized bookplates in the books you use as favors.  More creative favor ideas here, including “book worms”!  You can find fab birthday book recommendations from Brightly, plus I love these from Growing Book by Book.  You can find even more on my Books for Kids Pinterest board.

Inspired to make your next kid’s party a book-based one?  Share your inspiration in the comments, and find even more birthday party ideas on my Pinterest board!

Birthday Pack Giveaway from Brightly

And now for our big giveaway!  One lucky US winner will win a birthday prize pack that includes a Brightly tote bag, books featured in Brightly’s birthday articles, Brightly balloons, party hats, and a poster of their birthday illustration.  Enter below for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Volcano Birthday Party -

This post is part of the World Cup for Kids project from Multicultural Kid Blogs. Each time Costa Rica plays, I will be doing a post on some aspect of that country’s culture. Today I am sharing about our volcano birthday party!

My Monkey loooooves volcanoes! We even got to visit several with him on our recent trip to Costa Rica:

Volcano Birthday Party -

Volcán Irazú is not (very) active, so we were able to climb up and look right into the main crater.  Monkey was a little nervous about getting too close, but in the end curiosity won out!

Volcano Birthday Party -

Volcán Arenal is the most famous volcano in Costa Rica, and rightly so!  It is very active, and many visitors are able to see small eruptions.  We were not so fortunate, but we still enjoyed the spectacular view.

So it wasn’t hard to pick the theme for the boys’ birthday party last year – volcanoes!  Our parties are always very small, but I still wanted to make it something special.  Here is what we did:


For decorations I relied heavily on the Dollar Store and Party City.  We found plenty of red streamers (though we ran out of tape – details, details!), plus some fun “fireworks” decorations made out of ribbons and stars.  I even stuck some shiny red pom-pom gift wrap bows around.  I also cut out volcanoes out of black and red poster board and taped them up on the walls.  But the best find were the sparkly door streamers!  The kids loved running through the “lava”!  In fact, this was the last decoration to be taken down after the party – more than a week later!

Volcano Birthday Party -

Lava Juice

To be honest, for the food I didn’t worry much about the volcano theme, but for drinks I had to make “lava juice”!  Really this was just strawberry lemonade, which I made by blending lemonade (from concentrate – keep it simple!) with frozen strawberries and sugar to taste.  It was so yummy!  While the adults got the full affect of the colorful juice in their “grown up” glasses, I wasn’t about to let hyper preschoolers run around our house with cups of red liquid.  So instead I found inexpensive red sports bottles, which we labeled with each child’s name.  The “volcano cups” went home with the kids as part of their favors.


We kept the games low-key and open ended.  I cut out some “volcanic rocks” from black poster board, which I scattered around our entryway.  When the kids arrived, they were warned to stay on the volcanic rocks so they wouldn’t fall into the lava!

I also set up a play dough table with a big volcano (made with a double batch of brown play dough, plus red and yellow for the lava), along with dinosaurs, cars, and trucks, all laid out on a green tablecloth.  (You could also add moss, which you can find with materials for floral arrangements).  I actually molded the volcano around an empty plastic salsa bottle – it was perfect!  My husband even dropped a little dry ice inside for a super cool effect!

Volcano Birthday Party -

Since we only have one low kids’ table, when it was time to eat we just moved the play dough and toys out of the way, along with the now messy green table cloth, to reveal a clean red table cloth underneath – easy!  (The volcano is sitting inside a plastic red serving tray I found at Party City, so that was easy to keep intact).

The Cake

The cake was the most fun part for me.  I took my favorite yellow cake recipe and used strawberry jam in between the layers – yum!  (You actually also need to put frosting on the top of each layer to “seal” it from the layer above.  The jam goes on the bottom of the upper layer).  I then made several batches of frosting – brown, red, and green.  The volcano, of course, was brown, with red lava coming out of the crater.  The green frosting covered the base for the grass.

Volcano Birthday Party -

Here is a great tutorial for making a stacked volcano cake.  I couldn’t find exactly what she called for, so I did a 9 x 12 cake on the bottom (the grass), then 2 – 9 in round cakes, with a Bundt cake on top.  I then shaped them all with a serrated knife.

But the real finishing touch was the dry ice.  (I saw this suggestion in several places, such as this volcano cake post).  As it turns out, you can buy dry ice at our grocery store.  You just have to be careful that the kids don’t try to touch it, but wow!  It was so cool!

Volcano Birthday Party -

Unfortunately a lot of the smoke had already started to fade by the time we got this picture, but it gives you an idea.

(For another cake idea, you can also see what I did for Baby’s smash cake!  And yes, we did a combined party for the boys – we’ll see how many years we’re able to get away with that!)


For favors, in addition to a few super hero trinkets, I put together DIY volcano kits, based on this awesome tutorial from Crayon Box Chronicles.  We had so much fun playing with ours the next day!  They were wrapped up in my version of these cute volcano treat bags.

Volcano Birthday Party -

I also had a lot of fun making these volcano hats, based on this photo I found on Pinterest.  I had to figure out how to reverse engineer them, so here is a glimpse at the work in progress.  I taped together a few strands of red gift ribbon and then taped that to the inside of the “crater” top (made by cutting a small semi-circle from the top of the cone).

Volcano Birthday Party -

Taping the edges together was a bit of a pain, but they held together well.  We didn’t want any of the kids getting scratched by a staple!  I also taped a strip of red poster board along the bottom for the lava.  For the straps, we used jewelry wire, which worked okay, but next time I’ll stick with ribbon or yarn.  Unless you have the fit exactly right, the jewelry wire can really irritate the kids’ skin.

Volcano Birthday Party -

Overall I was thrilled about how thehats turned out.  I even made mini ones for Baby and another toddler friend.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse at our volcano birthday party!  It was the perfect way to celebrate our two little volcano Monkeys 🙂


World Cup for Kids - Multicultural Kid Blogs

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Monkey Smash Cake for Baby's First Birthday {Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year} -

It’s hard to believe how many months have passed since we celebrated Baby’s first birthday!  He is now a walking, talking, running, climbing toddler who regularly charms (and exhausts) us with his escapades.  He is a source of endless amusement and frustration to his brother, as all younger siblings should be.

When his first birthday rolled around, I chose to make his smash cake in the form of – what else! – a monkey 🙂

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a smash cake is made on a baby’s first birthday, separate from the cake that will be served to the rest of the family and other guests.  It is just as you would imagine – a small cake that the baby can smash and enjoy all for himself!

So often, babies don’t really eat any of the cake on their first birthday, but they love being able to dig their hands into that tempting confection as, for once, no one fusses if they smear food everywhere, even on their nice birthday clothes!

Monkey Smash Cake for Baby's First Birthday {Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year} -

To make this monkey smash cake is really quite simple:

1) Start with your favorite yellow cake recipe, enough for a 9″ cake.  Instead, use a 6″ cake pan (I had to look at a party store to find one) and cupcake tins.  (You only need two cupcakes, but depending on your recipe you may have one or two extra, which come in handy if there are any older brothers milling about while you are baking the evening before the party).  The 6″ cake will serve as the head and the two cupcakes as the ears.

2) While they are baking, prepare your frosting.  You will need two kinds: chocolate and vanilla (is anyone brave enough to try a banana flavored frosting?)

3) After the cakes cool, frost them, starting with the vanilla frosting for the face.  Then frost around it with chocolate for the rest of the face and the “ears.”

4) Decorate with chocolate chips for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Monkey Smash Cake for Baby's First Birthday {Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year} -

As you can see, the cake didn’t last long at the hands of my monkeys!

Monkey Smash Cake for Baby's First Birthday {Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year} -

How did you celebrate your baby’s first year?

Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year

I am so excited to be a part of the Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Year. This amazing ten day event represents a massive effort from over 40 bloggers to provide the best advice on celebrating all of those firsts of a baby’s first year. Today we are talking about Celebrating with Baby.

For more great tips, visit our group Pinterest board: Follow Dayna :: Lemon Lime Adventures’s board Everything Baby on Pinterest.

As an additional surprise for you, The Colic Solution by a Mom, for a Mom is 70% off for the duration of this event. Click here to apply the code:ULTIMATEBABY. Here are all the great topics being covered today: Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Baby ~ Lemon Lime Adventures

Topic: Celebrating with Baby

Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Baby’s First Year ~ Lemon Lime Adventures

Party Ideas

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Piper’s First Birthday Celebration ~ Conceiving Piper

Five ideas for an “original” first birthday – La Cité des Vents

Party Favors

Monkey Smash Cake for Baby’s First Birthday ~ All Done Monkey


Five ideas for an “original” first birthday ~ La Cité des Vents

Remembering the First Year

Tips for Taking Better Baby Photos ~ Happily Ever Mom

Keeping Memories for Baby’s First Year  ~ Powerful Mothering

Baby’s First Year Photo Album ~ BPhotoArt

Making Memories Into a Movie ~  Conceiving Piper

Finally, enter the giveaways! We have eight – yes, eight! – giveaways going on this week, so don’t miss out on your chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hand Print Volcano Card -

As many of you know, we just returned from a wonderful trip to visit family in Costa Rica.  While we were there, we were able to take our little volcano lover to visit two of the active volcanoes in that country, Poás and Irazú.

As a result, I thought this would be a good time to share a fun volcano craft we did a few months ago.  The Monkeys and I actually did it for my husband’s birthday, but it would also work perfectly for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  It’s easy to do with one child but also makes a great keepsake for siblings, as shown here.

Hand Print Volcano Card -

We used red and yellow paint for the lava.  Red had the best effect, although yellow turned out okay on the white paper.  If you are doing two or more kids, be aware that the yellow will not show up very well on top of the red, so it is better to either separate the hand prints a bit or do both in red.

Hand Print Volcano Card -

While Baby was napping, Monkey and I sat down to do step one.  I painted his hand red then made his hand print in the upper half of the paper.  (We did two versions just in case, since this was an experiment!)

Later in the day I painted Baby’s little hand and did my best to do a hand print with them.  He really had fun with the paints!

Hand Print Volcano Card -

Finally, I added the mountain below so that the hand prints look like lava exploding out of the volcano.  An older child could also do this step.  (Monkey was “too busy working” with his legos at this point so suggested that I do it).

Hand Print Volcano Card -

Hand Print Volcano Card -

I was the only one who thought my humor was funny, but since I had the pen it didn’t really matter lol 😉

Have an explosive day and always remember that we lava you!




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First Birthday Party Games - - Multicultural Kid Blogs Virtual Birthday Party and Giveaway!This post is part of the first anniversary celebrations on Multicultural Kid Blogs. For more details about today’s virtual party and giveaway, see the end of this post.

As my sweet Baby Monkey is (shockingly) crawling his way towards his first birthday, today my other baby (Multicultural Kid Blogs) is celebrating its first year.  I have been so blessed this past year to connect with such amazing moms and dads (and grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and educators) all over the world.

Today MKB is having a virtual birthday party (see details below), so I thought it would be fun to share some games you can play at a baby’s first birthday party.

Let’s be honest: first birthday parties are mainly for everyone else.  Not that the baby won’t enjoy it, but in all likelihood he would enjoy rolling around on the floor chewing on something he found under the couch just as much.

No, first birthday parties are more for the family and friends, as a way to celebrate the magical fact that this precious little one has come into their midst and changed their lives in 12 brief, mind-boggling months.

On a serious note, in many countries reaching a first birthday is a real achievement, so first birthday parties are a very big deal.  Luckily, in the US we don’t have this worry hanging over us, but nonetheless first birthday parties are still a special celebration of life.

And a time to just plain be silly.  At least I think so.  So here are some fun games that your little one and her admirers can all enjoy.

Count the Cheerios

First Birthday Party Ideas - - Multicultural Kid Blogs Virtual Birthday Party and Giveaway

Cheerios are that tried and true snack of a child’s early life.  So as a twist on the “guess how many” game, fill a container with dry cereal (make sure to count them first!) and have guests try to guess how many there are.  Prize to the one who comes the closest!

Sippy Cup Decorating

First Birthday Party Ideas - - Multicultural Kid Blogs Virtual Birthday Party and Giveaway

Another ubiquitous token of early childhood is the ever reliable sippy cup.  Get guests into a baby’s mindset by making them use sippy cups, too!  Set up a decorating station and let them go crazy with Sharpies and stickers.  Most stores now sell packs of disposable sippy cups, so you can buy a bunch without having to spend too much.

Old MacDonald Had a Hot Potato

For this game, I brought together two childhood favorites: the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and the game hot potato.  Have everyone sit in a circle.  You can either pass a ball around the circle or roll it to each other across the circle.  Everyone starts singing and passing the ball from one person to the other.  When you reach the part of the next animal, whoever is holding the ball at that moment has to come up with an animal and do the animal sounds for the rest of the verse. (“Old MacDonald had a …. cow!”)

Keep passing the ball, and as each new animal is added, those that have already taken a turn continue to contribute when it is their turn in the verse.  (“Old MacDonald had a … chicken!  E I E I O!  With a bock bock here—”  “And a moo moo there…”)

Nothing gets kids (and grownups!) laughing like seeing grownups act silly, plus they love animal noises!  (Who doesn’t??)

Baby Bottle Bowling

And of course, there is also baby bottle bowling.  Again, you can usually find cheap ones in bulk to use just for this purpose, or you can keep them later to use with dolls.

Hope you had fun with these silly games!  For more ideas you can also look at our annual birthday book, and the birthday time capsule we do on a child’s first birthday, for him to open on his fifteenth birthday.

Now let’s see what everyone else has been up to!  Read below for details on our virtual party and how you can enter to win one of our prizes!

Multicultural Kid Blogs Virtual Birthday Party!

It’s a party, y’all!

Multicultural Kid Blogs is officially one year old as of today. To celebrate we are hosting a virtual birthday party and YOU are invited!

The Party

Be sure to visit the participating blogs (see list at the end of this post) to see what they are bringing to the party, plus link up your own posts on the MKB site!

The Giveaway

Like any good host, we don’t want you to go home empty handed, so we are offering some great prizes to three lucky winners. See the end of the post for details on the prizes.

To enter, visit the MKB site to:

1) Link up a birthday-related post or

2) Comment on the MKB site to tell us your wish for the coming year!

Party Hosts

Creative World of Varya
Dad’s the Way I Like It
For the Love of Spanish
Spanish Playground
the piri-piri lexicon
Expat Life with a Double Buggy
Kids Yoga Stories
All Done Monkey

Party Favors

Prize #1

Mas Canciones en Espanol - Music with Sara - MKB Birthday Party GiveawayDigital download of Más Canciones en Español from Music with Sara

Prize #2

Set of 2 books from National Geographic Kids – US Shipping Only

National Geographic Kids - Egyptian Mythology - MKB Birthday Party GiveawayTreasury of Egyptian Mythology

National Geographic Kids - How to Speak Dog - MKB Birthday Party GiveawayHow to Speak Dog

Prize #3

DVD Fiesta Whistlefritz - MKB Birthday Party GiveawayLively Spanish immersion program DVD recommended for children ages 2-7 from Whistlefritz

Now it’s your turn! Visit the MKB site for a chance to win one of these prizes by linking up your birthday posts or commenting to tell us your wish for the coming year!

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First Birthday CakeAs mentioned in an earlier post, I spent a lot of time planning how to commemorate my little Monkey’s first birthday.  I wanted to make it memorable for him not just in the present moment (which he would soon forget) but also in the future.

Perhaps because of my love for history, as a child I was fascinated by time capsules.  I clearly remember when our little township in New Jersey celebrated its centennial.  In addition to the parades and getting to dress up in period costume, I remember burying a time capsule at our elementary school.  We put in newspapers, books, and photos, all destined to be discovered by other school children in another hundred years.  (I wonder whether schoolchildren today would recognize what a newspaper is, less than twenty years later!)Baby

My sister and I would often create time capsules for ourselves, filled with toys and knick knacks.  We sealed them up tightly with tape and marked in bold letters: “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2000!”  Hmm, I wonder whatever happened to those!

In any case, before my little Monkey’s first birthday, we decided to create time capsule for him.  While this idea is designed for a first birthday, if your child is older, there is no reason it can’t be used for a later birthday instead.

What to Include

We wrote to my little Monkey’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, and asked them to send us notes to include in the time capsule.  We also asked those attending his birthday party to bring notes for the time capsule with them.  We gave them some idea of what we were looking for, but it was so much fun to see what they came up with.  Here are some ideas:Newborn shoes

– Photos of the person/family, including with the birthday child

For example, my mother put together a really sweet little photo album of my little Monkey with her and my father.

– The person’s memories of when the birthday child was born

What child doesn’t love hearing about how excited people were when s/he was born?

– Favorite memories of time spent with the child

Again, what a treat for the child to read in the future about how much Auntie loved to read stories with him or take him to the park.

– A verbal snapshot of the person or family at the time of the birthday

My grandparents, guessing that they would not be around when my little Monkey opened the time capsule at age fifteen, wrote a beautiful letter to him that, in a way, introduced themselves to him, telling him about their lives.  I imagine this letter will be one of the most treasured items in the time capsule.Baby bib, block, pacifier

– The person’s memories of when they reached the age the child will be when the time capsule is opened

My sister-in-law wrote a really wonderful letter to my little Monkey, telling him all about what a great age fifteen was for her and giving him her best wishes for the upcoming year.  She also had fun imagining what he would be like as a fifteen year old.

You can also include any mementos you wish – clothes, toys, etc.  Be creative!

When to Open

Pick a future birthday that is meaningful to you.  For some this will be 18, when the child reaches adulthood.  For others it may be “sweet sixteen.”  For us it was age fifteen, since this is a significant birthday in the Baha’i Faith, the age when a person is considered to have reached spiritual maturity.

It is difficult but exciting to imagine my little Monkey as a fifteen year old boy, opening his time capsule.  I hope he will enjoy reading the letters and seeing the mementos, but above all I hope he feels the love and joy they express, sentiments that I’m sure will grow right along with him.

BIrthday Girl Throwing Confetti

This post has been shared at Made in a Day’s Made U Look Linky, Taming the Goblin’s Kids Co-op, Bowdabra’s Saturday Showcase, Natural Mothers Network’s Seasonal Celebration Sunday, One Creative Mommy’s One Creative Weekend, and Say Not Sweet Anne’s Sweet Sharing Monday.

Jul 012012

Birthday cake with lit candleBefore my little Monkey’s first birthday, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to commemorate the special occasion. Beyond the cake and presents, I wanted to mark the big day in more lasting ways.

I was very conscious of starting traditions, not only for him but for any future siblings. As a youngest child, I knew how important it would be to maintain the same traditions for all children in the family!

After much research, I found a number of wonderful ideas for commemorating a child’s first birthday, many of I will share in future posts.  In this first post in this new Milestones series, I want to share the birthday book I started when my little Monkey turned one.

The Birthday Book (“My Favorite Things”)

The birthday book was a combination of two memento ideas that I had seen in the past.

My first inspiration was the sheets they used to sell in gift shops, about what was happening in the year you were born (price of a gallon of milk, who was President, etc.). I always loved finding out such telling details about what the world was like when I came into the world.

I wanted to recreate this for my little Monkey, but on a yearly basis.  Here is the form I made to fill out every year on his birthday (you can download the complete template below):

In the World Today…

The price of a gallon of milk [brand]…$——

The price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline [location]…$——Decorations for first birthday

International headlines: _________

National headlines: _____________

Local headlines:  _______________

President: __________________

Governor: __________________

Mayor: ____________________

Top Songs: __________________

Top Movies: __________________

Top-Selling Books: Fiction – ______________, Non-Fiction – __________________

(Because we are raising our little Monkey to be bicultural, for him I include national headlines, etc. from both the US and Costa Rica).

The second idea I drew inspiration from was a Ramona Quimby (anyone remember her?) notebook I was given when I was about eight. There were a few pages for every year of elementary school, with blanks to fill in your teacher, favorite subjects, friends, and so on. I only kept it up for a year or two, but the idea stayed with me.

Here is my version:

About Me…

I can…______________________ [new skills, such as learning to walk]

I like to…___________________ [favorite games and activities]

My favorite toys are…_______________________

I am reading…_________________________

I am listening to…_____________________ [favorite music]Children looking at birthday cake

I am watching…___________ [television, movies]

Songs I like Mommy/Daddy to sing to me are…____________________

My favorite foods are…_________________________

My nicknames are…_______________________

My friends are…____________________

New members of my family are…__________________ [It seems there is a new cousin every year!]

Trips I took this year were…____________________

[For school-age children]


Favorite subjects at school: ______________________

Extra-curricular activities: _______________________

Children at birthday party

And thus the birthday book (which I named “My Favorite Things”) was born.  I now update the book every year on his birthday.  And even though he is still a toddler, looking back through his book, it is amazing how much he has changed in such a short time.  I still get teary-eyed reading through the list from his first birthday – ah, for the days of the Exersaucer toy and just learning to say Ma-Ma and Da-Da!

As my little Monkey grows, I will modify the form, adding space for questions about school and extracurricular activities, for example.  In just a few years, I imagine he will sit with me to fill out his birthday book.

How long will we keep it up?  Time will tell, but at the moment I envision that a completed book would be a nice present for him when he graduates from high school 🙂

You can download the complete Birthday Book Template below:

Birthday Book Template

How do you commemorate your child’s birthday?

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