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PhotobucketWe are so excited about this series on Random Acts of Kindness. Each week a different blogger has been sharing about a day that they and their little ones dedicated to committing random acts of kindness.

Readers will have a chance to share their own experiences with committing random acts of kindness on our Facebook page, to be a part of our final series post on December 21.

Now that we are just over halfway through the series, I wanted to recap the posts so far and preview what is to come!

What We’ve Seen So Far

On November 5 I shared about the day Monkey and I had delivering treats and cookies to people important in his life, like the library staff and doctors.

On November 12 Jody @ Mud Hut Mama told us about their day in Malawi, learning how to be kind to family, others, the earth and wildlife.

On November 19 Tallulah @ Bilingual Babes wrote about their day in the UK, showing kindness to family as well as fellow shoppers and skaters.

On November 26 Rachael @ Little Red Farm posted about their day in France, helping not only those nearby but also disadvantaged children around the world.

On December 3 Becky @ Kid World Citizen showcased their day in the US, spreading holiday cheer with caroling and homemade cookies.

What We Can Look Forward To

Watch for more posts from the amazing bloggers below.  I’ve had a sneak preview, and you won’t want to miss any of them!

December 10 – Melissa @ Vibrant Wanderings

December 17 – Frances @ Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

December 20 -Varya @ Little Artists

December 21 – Wrap up and reader submissions from our Facebook page!

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  1. I’m struggling with finding time to comment (and do all sorts of things I want to do), but I have really been enjoying this series. Perfectly timed for the holiday season to keep us all focused on what matters the most. Thanks so much for running it, Leanna!

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