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It's Never Too Early to Start Planning - Alldonemonkey.comWe had a wonderful summer with the Monkeys this year, but I am only a little sad to see it end because I am so excited for FALL!  Ah, I can almost taste the apple cider and smell the pumpkin bread baking in the oven!

As a former executive assistant, I rely heavily on lists, so as we move into fall, here is my checklist for the season.

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Think ahead to the holidays.

Whatever holiday you will be celebrating this fall (check out this list for some non-traditional ones), it’s never too soon to start planning.  It’s fun to start brainstorm Halloween costumes and holiday crafts without the pressure that comes in waiting until the last minute.  Monkey has already informed me he wants to be a “firefighter scarecrow,” so we will see how that goes.

Begin your gift shopping.

Again, you will never regret starting your planning early.  (Unless, of course, you are like my grandmother.  One year she bought all of her Christmas presents months ahead of time and then forgot where she hid them!)  But as long as you keep track of where you store your gifts (!) you can start now to stock up on things like cool toys and electronics from the Apple store and adorable clothes for your little ones from fashionable shops like Marks and Spencer.  (For some great multicultural gifts, check out these products from our fellow Multicultural Kid Bloggers).

Plan next year’s vacation.

Before starting a family, we often planned our vacations practically as we were walking out the door.  While it is still possible to do this with little ones in tow, for most of us it is much easier to plan things out ahead of time.  Reservations for many popular places, like Yosemite, fill up far in advance, so if possible it is best to reserve your spot now for next summer.  You can start saving now and often find better deals on places you might not have considered, like Turks and Caicos.

Hmm, maybe I will miss summer a little bit…

How are you planning ahead this fall?

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