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Mundo Lanugo: Spanish App for Kids to Learn Language and Culture | Alldonemonkey.com

Whether your children are fully bilingual or just speak un poquito español, there is a new Spanish app for kids that is a wonderful way to teach them about Hispanic culture and the Spanish language!  I highly recommend Mundo Lanugo: Juega y Aprende as a fun app to teach heritage through games that also build kindergarten readiness.

I was so excited when my friends at Mundo Lanugo asked me to review this app because it is such a great fit for our family!  I should say first of all that my oldest son tends to be allergic to anything designed to teach Spanish.  While we have discovered a number of great Spanish resources that he enjoys, for the most part if he finds out something is in Spanish he loses interest.

Not so with this new app from Mundo Lanugo!  This amazing FREE app is simply irresistible.  It has become my go-to resource if we have to wait in a doctor’s office, etc and I’m too busy with the baby to entertain my older kids – voilà!  Mundo Lanugo to the rescue!

Mundo Lanugo: Spanish App for Kids to Learn Language and Culture | Alldonemonkey.com

Even if you don’t speak Spanish but want to support what your kids are learning in school, this is a great app for your family!  The visuals are so easy to follow that kids don’t have to understand every word to play along, and as they go they will hear the language spoken in context, reinforcing their understanding and teaching new vocabulary.

But this app does not merely help with language learning.  In fact, that’s not even its main purpose!  What it does amazingly well is teach about the rich cultural heritage of Latin America through games that also promote kindergarten readiness.  So in the “kitchen” kids learn to make dishes like ceviche and arroz con leche, and dress up costumes include one for Day of the Dead!

This integration of culture into learning activities is important for all children, but especially for Latino and bicultural children like mine, to nurture a genuine pride and identification with their heritage.

Mundo Lanugo: Spanish App for Kids to Learn Language and Culture | Alldonemonkey.com

Thank you, Mundo Lanugo for getting my kids excited about Hispanic culture and language with this wonderful Spanish app for kids: Download your copy todayAvailable for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  2 Responses to “Spanish App for Kids to Teach Language and Culture”

  1. How much Spanish do the kids need to know in order to use the app? Could kids who have only a few words find their way through it, or do they need to really have some ability? My kids can count and say “gracias” and “me llamo…” but not a whole lot more — I’d love to find an app that would help them learn!

    • I think they would definitely still enjoy it! It would be easy to figure out how to play the games even without an extensive knowledge of Spanish. Keep in mind that it is not primarily designed to teach language, though it does that as well. More importantly, it’s a fun way to motivate them to learn more!

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